South Park was so right – creationist science teacher shows how low the bar is

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Ohio Supreme Court hears appeal from creationist teacher
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John Freshwater used to be a science teacher at an Ohio school. His science lessons included promoting creationism and a “Christian view against homosexuality.” As a bonus, Mr. Freshwater reportedly burned holy crosses on students’ arms using a highly scientific Tesla coil.

Imagine his outrage when he was fired. Fortunately for Mr. Freshwater, the Ohio Supreme Court has agreed to hear his case.


The major focus of South Park last week was how low the bar has gotten (you would have to have seen the episode to get why I have a picture of James Cameron). We simply have so little shame for things, like exploiting the sad or poor or stupid or fat or foisting one’s ludicrous religious beliefs as if they were science.

Here we have a SCIENCE teacher who taught creationism, something our courts have said is totally inappropriate for science class, as it is religion.

Yet, the guy wants his job back. He has no shame at all.

“Freshwater’s pedagogy serves no legitimate educational purpose in a public school science class, is scientifically unsound, and serves only impermissibly to advance a sectarian purpose, namely, to teach creationism in its tradition version of ‘creation science’ or its modern incarnation of intelligent design.”

This is little different from the pharmacist who refuses to give out legitimate drugs for legal reasons because of religious beleifs.

This is just insane. Would it be appropriate for a doctor to be allowed to bleed patients because that was his religion? How about letting poisonous snakes bite people because that is what someone thinks works?

We allow people to have their own personal religious beliefs, even if they harm themselves. But we should not allow people’s personal religious beliefs to harm others.

Yet we do. Many people think that their religious beliefs are so important that everyone must follow them.

Thus we have a science teacher teaching religion. The bar is so incredibly low right now. And we don’t have a hero like James Cameron around.

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  1. Is there an explanation for his branding a student, being SUED, not charged with assault, and getting away with it?

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