It seems every iPhone has a ‘scandal’ at launch

Give Apple maps a chance
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A recent torrent of complaints has prompted Apple CEO Tim Cook to issue…


It seems like there has to be a scandal with every iPhone, something that will simply destroy it.

We had Antennagate. We had wrong number of signal bars being displayed. We have camera problems.

None ever really left any longterm problem.

Maps will be the same. I’ve used it and really like it. The fact that it is vector-based means I can resize the map without having to wait for new data to download.

I hated how maps using Google’s info required me to wait, often with a poor connection, for a whole new map to download.

Is the new Maps as accomplished as the old one? Well, in the times I have used it, the directions were not always perfectly exact. This used to happen all the time with Google’s data so I expect this to be fixed pretty rapidly.

But even then Maps got me so close that the slight errors were not much of a problem.

And having turn-by-turn makes up for much of this.

Maps is simply another in a long line of iPhone problems the media hypes. It will be rapidly fixed and even now is pretty close to the functionality it needs.

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  1. Agree 100% . Can’t describe how happy I am with the turn by turn in Siri,s voice. Maps got me across the country on a long drive this weekend and navigating in a new city today. Thank you Apple many times over.

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