MS hires wrong singer for store opening

Machine Gun Kelly gig at Microsoft Store cut short by police
[Via The Verge – All Posts]


Upcoming American rapper Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) was hired to perform at Microsoft’s Atlanta retail store on Friday, but the software giant got more than it bargained for. MGK performed ‘Hold On (Shut up)’ for the crowd at the Microsoft Store, where he appeared to mark The Source magazine’s release of their annual Power 30 issue. After rapping “fuck these computers…” the rapper started jumping between tables at the store that contained laptop and tablet computers.

“Fuck these computers…”

Although it’s unclear whether any damage was caused, a video of the event clearly shows MGK throwing a promotional sign from one of the tables. All Hip Hop reports that the rapper stomped on “at least five computers” before cops were called and Microsoft Store staff cut the music and microphone.


The video is pretty amazing. I wonder just what they were thinking. And I wonder how much they paid him.

I guess any publicity is good publicity.