Why people line up to buy an iPhone?

Customers queue up for iPhone 5 outside Apple’s Fifth Ave store
[Via AppleInsider]

With four days to go before the iPhone 5 becomes available, customers have begun lining up outside Apple’s flagship Fifth Avenue store in New York City in what has become an annual tradition.


Most of the people lining up so early are not really there because they just want an iPhone for themselves. They have other, less personal reasons.

As the article states, several are there for marketing reasons, hoping to get their websites mentioned in the papers.

In addition, there are some there trying to buy multiple iPhones to resell while supplies are constrained. iPhone 5s are on Ebay right now for $1400 or more.

So, if they can buy three iPhones to sell on Ebay they could clear perhaps $3000. Not bad for 4 days of waiting.


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