Samsung aparently abusing FRAND patents again

Samsung to sue Apple over LTE patents, partner with Microsoft to avoid Android lawsuits
[Via AppleInsider]

Reeling from its scathing jury verdict, Samsung executives have promised to continue litigation with Apple over patents while also partnering with Microsoft to cut its dependency on Google’s Android.


Samsung tried to abuse the Fair, Reasonable and Nondiscriminatory licensing terms in its recent case against Apple, hoping to wring more money from Apple for its use of standard technology everyone else uses.

They lost.

Now they are attempting to do the same thing again with a new standard,one they states they would license under FRAND terms. But not, apparently to Apple.

If Samsung continues on this path, one also being forged by Google, there will not be ANY standards that come up in the future, harming all of us.

The idea of FRAND is to put the patents in a pool so everyone gets a piece of the pie. Samsung’s approach will make sure there is no pie.

Which is why it should lose and lose badly here.

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