The Newsroom is a hoot

newsroomby antony_mayfield

I mentioned my hopes for Aaron Sorkin’s new show – the Newsroom.

well, I saw it tonight and really enjoyed it. It had some of the trouble a pilot episode does – mainly introducing us to a wide group of people we really don’t know.

But it did a pretty good job and the writing was – while erudite as usual – was quite good. It looks like it is staffed with people I can learn to care about.

It his both liberal and conservative reporters with about the same amount of derision and then tried to show what a real news cast would have been like – one run by smart people concerned about getting important news right and giving Americans useful facts rather than pablum.

One only has to see CNN’s recent imbroglio to understand how far it has fallen from the ACN channel of The Newroom.

We did not learn until about halfway through that the timeframe for the show is two years ago. Sorkin is making it obvious that these guys – like the West Wing – occupy a similar but very different world from us. One that appears to be better.

Sorkin’s work has almost always had a strong moral aspect of how we can and should do better. He handles heroes just as well as scoundrels.

The protagonist – Daniels’ character – is not really a nice guy. Not a Ted Baxter – he is way too smart for that – but containing a similar amount of ego and disdain for most people. Sam Waterston – looking all 71 years of age – should get an Emmy nod for his division head, whose seemingly drunk persona hides a Machiavellian kingmaker.

Emily Mortimer is flawed but ernest and as smart as Daniels but not as closed in. And the young cast will be amazing as we learn more about them.

It had a huge opening audience – 2.1 million. I hope it keeps them and