A great speech for Memorial Day

Biden talking about the loss, grief and despair of losing loved ones to a national group of military survivors. Seldom do politicians open up so much about such hard personal experiences.

Done with no notes or telepromptors.

It is as heartfelt and empathetic speech as can be told – watch his spontaneous response to a baby crying at 8:30.

Or his description of the cruel thing his mother said after he had identified the bodies of his wife and daughter.

Or his personal story about finding a great love that helped heal him – although it took him 5 proposals for her to say yes. With her standing right there. The emotional release that comes from that story brought laughter and applause from the audience.

And what he says 16:10 brought tears to my eyes.

His speech helps remind all of us that Memorial Day is not just about those who have fallen but also the families and friends of those who have fallen.