“This is kind of the equivalent of the Golden Spike”

golden spikeby Orange County Archives

Space Station crew likes new SpaceX transport vehicle
[Via Alaska Dispatch]

The crew of the International Space Station got its first look at the inside of its newest visitor – Space Exploration Technologies Corporation’s Dragon cargo ship – Saturday morning and pronounced it a keeper.

The craft made aerospace history Friday by becoming the first commercially built and operated spacecraft to rendezvous and dock with another spacecraft on orbit.


Just as the the Golden Spike commemorated the linkage of America by rail, the docking of the Dragon Capsule to the ISS is a huge milestone for the linkage of Earth to outer space.

The transcontinental trains permitted cargo to transit the US in both directions.

So too can the Dragon capsule. It is the first cargo capsule for supplying the ISS that can also take material back to earth. It moves cargo in both directions.

The discovery of America was important but we would not be where we are today without the Golden Spike. I truly believe that in 100 years they will see this docking in a similar light.