More bullies get their come-uppance

bullyby Eddie~S

New Jersey mayor, son, arrested on charges they nuked recall website
[Via Ars Technica]

The mayor of a small New Jersey hamlet has been arrested, along with his son, on federal charges that they shut down a website advocating the mayor’s recall after breaking into the online accounts of political foes.

According to federal officials, Felix Roque, mayor of West New York, New Jersey, and his son, Joseph Roque, were arrested early Thursday morning by FBI agents. In February, the pair planned and executed the silencing of by gaining unauthorized access to the GoDaddy account used to control the domain name. An FBI special agent filed documents with these allegations in a New Jersey federal court. The father-and-son team also obtained e-mails and messages sent among opponents after gaining unauthorized access to e-mail and Facebook accounts.

“I have always treated you with respect and courtesy, but I have copies of everything sent to the website and communications with names,” Mayor Roque wrote in an e-mail to one of the opponents, whose identity had remained unknown to the Roques until they gained illegal access to the accounts. “Remember, I am in the Army with many friends.”


Hope they go away for awhile.

One thing about our new transparent society – bullies are also shown in the light of day. Communities have had ways of dealing with bullies since humans evolved. It is just that current society allows them to hide quite well.

At least society before the internet.