Will this 18-month kid ever be able to fly like an regular person?

TSA Removes 18-Month Old Baby From Plane
[Via American Times]

The new face of terror. Or something.

You have to hand it to the TSA.

When they discovered that eighteen-month-old Riyanna was on the no-fly list (or at least someone with the same name was) they didn’t bat an eye. They didn’t stop and think about whether a one-and-a-half year old posed a security threat, or whether it could possibly be a case of mistaken identity. There’s no time to think in these tense situations.

No sir, the TSA agents at Ft. Lauderdale airport did what needed to be done and pulled that terror-baby off the plane.


Apparently once on the no-fly list you can not get off. If so, this poor little girl will never be able to fly without being hassled by the TSA.

We used to watch in horror when a movie showed a Nazi asking a person for their papers in order to board a train. At least the Nazis did provide papers that allowed an individual to move about. If you had your papers, you at least had some comfort.

We now pull babies off of planes without the benefit of any paper at all. The TSA has become the closest thing we have to fascism in the US.

Bet that gets me on a no-fly list.