The TSA could have killed her

body scannerby gyro2

Savannah Barry, Diabetic Teen, Blames TSA For Broken Insulin Pump (VIDEO)
[Via Huffington Post]

Savannah Barry, a 16-year-old diabetic, is criticizing the TSA after an agent incorrectly instructed her to walk through a body scanner despite the fact she was wearing an expensive insulin pump. The pump stopped working shortly after the security check.


The pump is not supposed to be put through the body scanner because it can stop working – a life threatening event.

But the TSA officer told her it was safe to do so. Idiot. And not trained properly.

The report said the TSA went  off the deep end when they saw her carry on with needles and juice containers.

Putting 18 month olds on the no fly list and destroying important medical devices. All part of the TSA.

And of course this shows that those body scanners are not totally safe for everyone, at the very least.