They have not stopped trying to spy on our computers

Stop Cyber Spying
[Via EFF]

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Please read the whole thing. This is another attempt to label file sharers ‘cyber terrorists’. Then the government can sy on you without any recourse and share that information with private companies.

They claim the bill is needed to fight cyberterrorism from CHina. But it actually allows the Federal government to spy on Americans and to give that information to private organizations.

I am sure that will not be abused /snark.

The ACLU has a nice description of the bill’s problems. And the Obama Administration is not happy with it either.

It is still possible to get this stopped. COntact your Representative.


2 thoughts on “They have not stopped trying to spy on our computers

  1. Who is “they”? Obviously, the government. So why doesn’t the administration stop it if they are “unhappy” about it? Why isn’t the ACLU bugging the DOJ? Oh, right. They are too busy trying Clements.

    1. The administration has done the first step – told them it is not happy. As this is still in committee, I believe, that is appropriate since it can be changed. If it comes out to be voted on, I would expect the Administration to be more forceful. You don’t threaten a veto at this point if you do not have to.

      The ACLU is involved with the legislation here because that is the step it is on. Why should they be involved with the DOJ on this issue?

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