Houston has always been full of people who get things done

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Houstonians set up underground libraries in response to book ban
[Via LISNews – Librarian And Information Science News]

Houstonians set up underground libraries in response to book ban
After learning about a law in Arizona that has gotten books about Mexican-American history banned from classrooms, a group of Houstonians responded by collecting over 1,000 of the banned books, packing them in cars and taking them in a caravan across Texas and New Mexico to Tucson, Arizona.

Known as “librotraficantes,” or book traffickers, a group led by Houston Community College professor and author Tony Diaz has taken it upon itself to help the students in Arizona to have access to the books that have been part of their school district’s curriculum for years.


Houston is the most diverse city in the US. I was 28 when I left. While it has some problems – the weather being a big one – I always felt that’s unique benefits made it a great city. People living there believe that anything can be done.  They generally care more about results rather than who your family was or what political party you belong to.

Here we see a group that sees a problem, one that is actually happening in an different locality, and some  Houstonians respond by doing something, not talking about it.

Getting things done is how we succeed.

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They have not stopped trying to spy on our computers

Stop Cyber Spying
[Via EFF]

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Please read the whole thing. This is another attempt to label file sharers ‘cyber terrorists’. Then the government can sy on you without any recourse and share that information with private companies.

They claim the bill is needed to fight cyberterrorism from CHina. But it actually allows the Federal government to spy on Americans and to give that information to private organizations.

I am sure that will not be abused /snark.

The ACLU has a nice description of the bill’s problems. And the Obama Administration is not happy with it either.

It is still possible to get this stopped. COntact your Representative.


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