Cool idea for FoxTrot

bill amendby Genevieve719

FoxTrot for iPad
[Via Daring Fireball]

Speaking of e-books, FoxTrot author Bill Amend is trying the self-publishing route:

I’m calling them FoxTrot Pad Packs, because I like the metaphor of collectable cards and how you build up your collection via booster packs. I made them myself using Apple’s free iBooks Author software. Each $1.99 book contains 100 strips, some old, some new, some story lines, some stand-alone jokes, some black and white dailies, some color Sundays. The idea is to create mini books that take maybe 20-30 minutes to read and which aren’t bogged down with a ton of outdated references, as happens with my older, chronologically arranged print books.


I love Foxtrot. And this is also an interesting exercise in self-publishing by its author, using Apple’s e-book authoring program.

I expect we will see more of this.