Easy to see which states are moving backwards

Tennessee governor allows bill targeting science education to become law
[Via Ars Technica]

After the US Supreme Court’s 1987 decision forbidding the teaching of creationism in science classes, those who objected to the teaching of evolution modified their ideas slightly. They relabeled these ideas “Intelligent Design.” In the wake of that tactic’s defeat in the courts, the opponents of science education retooled again.

This time, they targeted a number of state legislatures with two categories of bills that shared nearly identical wording. This tactic saw success in Louisiana, although a number of similar bills were considered in other states. They’ve now achieved their second success—the passage of a law in Tennessee.


Allowing the teaching of non-science as science simply helps differentiate states who foster ignorance over the pursuit of knowledge.

These laws allow a student’s religious beliefs to trump rigorous science.

We live the lives we have today because of rigorous science. Science has provided the jobs, the food, the buildings, the lights, the entertainments, the medicines and the educations we possess.

Those states that seek to subordinate science to personal beliefs act to weaken us all. not strengthen us.

And now it becomes easier to see which states are actually un-American.