Warming arctic could be changing jet stream

Arctic Warming is Altering Weather Patterns, Study Shows
[Via Climate Central – News, Blogs & Features]

By showing that Arctic climate change is no longer just a problem for the polar bear, a new study may finally dispel the view that what happens in the Arctic, stays in the Arctic.

The study, by Jennifer Francis of Rutgers University and Stephen Vavrus of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, ties rapid Arctic climate change to high-impact, extreme weather events in the U.S. and Europe.

The study shows that by changing the temperature balance between the Arctic and mid-latitudes, rapid Arctic warming is altering the course of the jet stream, which steers weather systems from west to east around the hemisphere. The Arctic has been warming about twice as fast as the rest of the Northern Hemisphere, due to a combination of human emissions of greenhouse gases and unique feedbacks built into the Arctic climate system.


The Arctic is warming faster than the middle latitudes. The jet stream is responsible for where and how much of the weather take place.

Now it might be even more important if it allows weather patterns to stick around longer – storms, droughts, etc.

It could be that the meanderings of the jet stream will have even bigger effects on our weather as it moves into new patterns.