Apple stock increases in one month equal to all of Amazon’s stock value

Apple is up one Amazon since Tim Cook’s toga party speech
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Since February 14, the stock has hit 27 new highs in 31 trading days

“We’re not going to go have a toga party or do something outlandish, and so people don’t have to worry [the cash] is going to burn a hole in our pocket.” — Tim Cook

Conventional wisdom had it that Apple’s (AAPL) share price would take off  once the company declared a dividend.

Turns out, all it took was a signal that a dividend was coming.

On Feb. 14, CEO Tim Cook gave the high sign at a Goldman Sachs Technology Conference, promising “the best decision for shareholders” and no toga parties. The stock took off and never looked back. When a dividend and stock buyback plan was announced on March 19, it just accelerated.

All told, Apple’s share price has gained nearly $110 in the 31 trading days since the toga party speech, and its market cap has grown by more than $104 billion — roughly one Amazon (AMZN) in value.


The amount of money put into Apple stock in the last 30 days could have bought all of Amazon.

Just to give an idea of the relative sizes of these two cutting edge companies.