The propaganda business

Merchants of Doubt: Nicotine is Not Addictive = Climate Change Is Not Real
[Via Age of Engagement | Big Think]

The Climate Reality Project has produced online video short linking effectively for viewers the parallels between the tobacco industry’s attempts to lie and downplay the threat of smoking with conservative advocates’ efforts to downplay the reality and threat of climate change.  The video translates the narrative from Naomi Oreskes’ and Erik Conway’s book Merchants of Doubt.


Here is the video:

Just remember that some of the same people and institutes that took money form the tobacco companies to produce non-scientific work are now involved in the climate debate.

Sure, this time they may be doing things right but I would be very skeptical of anything considering who is funding them. They produced misleading material before for their masters and they continue to do it.

Their industry is propaganda and they use doubt to carry it out. They exist to mislead, lie and convey the information that their sponsors wish.

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    1. The difference might not be so great if there weren’t organizations involved working to gum up the works as much as possible. We will have to move away from fossil fuels eventually. It would be nice to do that soon but there is just too much money to be made by promoting climate change denialism – just as there was with tobacco.

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