Laughing on a Sunday – Cricket explained?

Video explains cricket
[Via Boing Boing]

I’ve never seen anyone fringe the ring quite like that before. [Jiskefet via Reddit]


A Dutchman’s view of cricket. I almost felt I finally understood cricket. Sports jargon really is a foreign language.

Fringing the ring after a foot swift sure seems amazing. And the perfectly executed threesome was awesome.

Best comment at Boing Boing (although quitterjunior’s reply is choices):

I like the fact that this is getting a lot of appreciative comments from Americans, praising the in-depth explanation and the way they’ve memorised the rules. Show this video in England, and the reaction is “Well, yes. But they’re leaving a lot out.”

No mention of reverse passing on opposite Thursdays, we don’t even see the award and/or use of  the amber tokens, and that’s before we even get into the complexity of Tufte’s rule for incorporating a nearby game of Mornington Crescent into the flow of play.

I do believe that a good return play in this situation would be to fluff on the next turn, accept the possibility of Wilkinson’s gambit, making the obvious next move Turnham Green.

Here is a nice explanation of real positions in cricket.