Eastwood and Detroit, talking pandas and politics

pandaby RickWeiss

People will discuss whether Clint Eastwood’s Superbowl commercial was political or not. The ad itself may have cost $16 million to show. And it will supposedly be shown only once.

I think it was the best use of money spent by any organization during the Super Bowl. It is getting tremendous notice and will probably still be talked about after we forget the Bud Lite ads.

Its words were simple and important, while its images portrayed America and Americans honestly.

If successful ads work best when they tap a deep emotional core of the audience, then this was the best one shown.

Was there any purposeful subtext to the ad, something more than just Clint’s words? I don’t know.

What I do know is that none of us would have heard Clint’s words at all if we had taken a different path.

We would probably hear from a talking panda that Detroit needed to die so that we can buy cheap Chinese cars. That Buying American was stupid and it was great we allowed the Free Market to work.

I am very glad that, instead, we got to hear and see one of our purely American icons – someone who represents what American is and hopes to be, no matter what our political differences may be.

Let’s get out there and win the damn game.