36-30 raises its head?

Assets & Opportunity Scorecard
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I’ll have to do some more investigation on the data itself but it is interesting that almost all of the bottom states have all or significant parts below  the 36°30′ parallel. I wonder what the significance of that latitude is? Maybe a difference between warm climates and hot one? Or perhaps the length of the summer days vs. the winter nights?

Maybe it’s where the Germans settled in America, including the English, Italians and Irish? Or maybe a relic of history? Or part of a series of relics?

And it may simply depend on how much poverty is weighted. But then poverty follows an odd geographic path also.

I’m holding out for the relic of history having some effect.

5 thoughts on “36-30 raises its head?

  1. What do you find appalling about the criteria? Seems to me that looking at poverty levels, education numbers and health insurance are worthwhile criteria. They looked at 52 criteria and ranked the states.

    It may not be perfect but how would you do it differently?

    1. Albion’s Seed is a very good book. And I think it does a nice job describing the effects of the 4 migrations from the British Isles. But it does ignore the effects of Scandinavians on The Northern US and Germans almost everywhere. As well as Spanish in the South.

      Although when push comes to shove, the slave society created in the South was mainly a result of the Cavalier and Borderlands people. That culture still seems to have a strong hold on that regions vital enterprises.

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