The ad that proves VCs can be idiots

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Color Hopes You’ll Want to Broadcast Your Makeout Sessions and Illegal Pool Parties to Facebook
[Via Daring Fireball]

Someone should make a list of every jackass tech site that took these Color idiots seriously simply because they raised dickety million dollars in VC funding.


Here is the ad, which is quite icky in its viewpoint – trespassing, voyeuristic, etc.

Colorlabs is the company that received $41 million to create this tripe. It was a photo-sharing app but that went nowhere. So now we have 30 seconds of video with no sound. Not sure just how that makes such an investment worthwhile.

Especially since the app is telling us it is good for what – the large number of trespassing voyeurs out there? the tremendous number of people who want to share drunker parties? the stupendous number of stalers looking to share their work?

It is called stalking when you simply check up on your friend’s walls. What will it be called when you upload video of them at a party or asleep on the couch?

The ad seems to play to the worst in human behavior. Not going to see the penetration here that Facebook has had.

I just am not convinced venture capital approaches work the best in an app environment. I expect many of the investors to be left holding some sort of bag.