SOPA proponents say SOPA applies to no website in the world – Really

US Chamber Of Commerce Appears To Argue That SOPA & PIPA Apply To NO Websites At All
[Via Techdirt]

Yesterday, I was on a “panel” discussion at the Congressional Internet Caucus’s “State of the Net” event. At some point, I believe we’ll have some video of that, which we can post. However, at one point, moderator Tim Lordan asked panelist Steve Tepp, from the US Chamber of Commerce, about the claims that SOPA/PIPA only impact “foreign” sites, and argued that under the definitions in the bill sites like or would be subject to the bills, and thus they would effect the American companies who run them. Tepp insisted this wasn’t true, because the bill only applies to “US-directed sites” and a site that is a .ca or wouldn’t be considered US-directed. However, First Amendment lawyer Marvin Ammori sensed a pretty obvious problem with that. If what Tepp argues is true, he’s basically saying that SOPA and PIPA apply to no websites at all. Remember, supporters of the bills insist that they don’t apply to .coms or .orgs or any other site using a TLD controlled by a US register. So that wipes out that batch of domains. But, here, Tepp now seems to be claiming that it also doesn’t apply to any site with a country specific TLD… because those aren’t US-directed. So… um… what’s left?


In their haste to reduce the ramifications, the CoC seems to be speaking out of both sides of its mouth.

Which do you think is more likely – given the history of abuses by these lobbyists – that SOPA applies to no web site in the world or that ti applies to most (or all) of them, even US ones?

These corporations want to break the Internet up into interdicted countries, each separate from one another , by using these laws. Make us al into China and then these businesses can continue to survive on failing business models.

Then the world does become Rollerball.