Denialists love to manipulate data to create cherry-picked graphs

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More fraud from Pat Michaels
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Patrick Michaels is a research fellow at the Cato Institute think tank, the chief editor of the website World Climate Report, has been given a climate blog at the business magazineForbes, and his articles are frequently re-posted at climate “skeptic” blogs like Watts Up With That (WUWT).  Despite his clear conflict of interest (Michaels has estimated that 40% of his work is funded by the petroleum industry), many people continue to rely on him as a reliable source of climate information.  This is an unwise choice, because Michaels also has a long history of badly distorting climate scientists’ work.  In fact, not only does Michaels misrepresent climate research on a regular basis, but on several occasions he has gone as far as to manipulate other scientists’ figures by deleting parts he doesn’t like.

Patrick Michaels is a serial deleter of inconvenient data.


You have to be very careful when dealing with denialists. They love to cherry pick data so it is important to examine the original data and graphs that they use.

And then wonder why they remove certain data from the slides. Is it to make it easier to understand or to remove inconvenient data?

Here we see examples of the latter. Which is why we should be very skeptical of anything written by the Cato Institute or the World Climate Report.

Cherry picking of data is not usually done by people who objectively want to understand the world. It is usually done by those who have already decided what the answer is and need data to prove that.