La Nina still impacts the next few months

Water woes likely to continue
[Via CEJournal]


As Colorado snowpack suffers, La Niña could persist into summer

According to the latest forecast from the Climate Prediction Center, issued yesterday, the La Niña conditions that have contributed to the continuing drought in Texas and other regions are likely to persist through at least the Northern Hemisphere winter. And one ensemble modeling forecast from the CPC predicts that the abnormally cool sea surface temperatures in the Pacific Ocean characteristic of La Niña could continue at least through summer.

La Niña favors weather patterns that tend to bring drier than normal conditions across a large swath of the southern United States (as the map on the right in the graphic above shows). And that’s more bad news for Texas and New Mexico.


This La Nina does seem to be providing warmer temperatures in the NW this year and the rain is about average. But we still have some more winter months to go.