Innovation during times of danger

Coffee Cup Alerts Mount Rainier Campers
[Via Discovery News – Top Stories]

When a helicopter pilot needed to alert several Mount Rainier campers that a deadly attacker was on the run, he used a low-tech solution: coffee cups.


With a killer on the loose in the park, the helicopter pilot needed to warn the campers. But they could not  hear what he was saying.

Luckily he had a cup and a pen. Low tech way to communicate but it worked.

2 thoughts on “Innovation during times of danger

  1. And it was an individual decision. He didn’t have to ask government permission and isn’t being arrested by the government for doing something outside of his usual area. Just think how long it would have taken to get the bureacracy’s permission! But in health care, individual decisions are not accepted readily by the pencil-pushers.

  2. You do realize that the entire response to the murder and the manhunt was undertaken by government employees – park rangers and police. They did not seem to be hampered by the need for bureaucratic approval.

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