Anti-science candidates demonstrate inability to think

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Rick Santorum and Science: Bad Combination!
[Via DeSmogBlog – Clearing the PR Pollution that Clouds Climate Science]

As Republican primary season schizophrenia continues, former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum is now in the spotlight, having very nearly beaten Mitt Romney in Iowa. So what do we people who care about science, and global warming in particular, know about Santorum?

Whoa boy.

None of the Republican candidates, with the possible exception of pro-science Tweeter Jon Huntsman, have distinguished themselves as science allies. Even sometime moderate Mitt Romney famously flip-flopped and cast doubt on human caused global warming; Rick Perry, meanwhile, thinks climate researchers are making it all up.

But Santorum? Arguably, his attacks on science surpass all of theirs.

Santorum, let us not forget, not only denies evolution, but has been an active anti-evolutionist in the past. In other words, he has made attacking fundamental scientific knowledge a key priority.


The main thing about Presidential candidates who deny what science is telling us – they demonstrate a tremendous inability to think clearly, to analyze deeply and to seek proper conclusions.

They think with their gut demonstrating why it is apparently the stupidest part of their anatomy.

And they amply demonstrate all the reasons why they should not be placed into arguably the most powerful job in the world.

Making decisions based on non-facts, lies and distortions – something every one of them has displayed when denying science – is not something I would like to see in the person responsible for life and death matters.

Some of the meanest periods in human history have been when nations were led or influenced by those who denied science.