Like a bad Bond movie – creating earthquakes

Ohio Christmas Quakes Likely Caused By Fracking Operation
[Via 80beats]

When it was revealed in November that several small earthquakes in northwestern England had been caused by fracking, the controversial process of extracting shale gas from bedrock by cracking the rock with pressurized water, the gas company responsible stated that it was an extremely unlikely occurrence. True as that may be, residents of Youngstown, Ohio, can now testify that something similar has happened again. This time, it wasn’t the removal of shale gas that triggered the earthquakes, but apparently the subsequent cracking of sandstone in order to store the wastewater produced by fracking.


The bad guys in those movies were always threatening to use some technology to cause devastating earthquakes. Looks like some companies have begun the basic research needed to accomplish this. All under the guise of looking for oil.

I expect to find some European metrosexual CEO to be behind this – most likely he can be found along the French Riviera.

Hope Daniel Craig finds him soon.

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