Apparently NYC issues press passes to make it eaier to arrest reporters

NY Deputy Mayor: press don’t have the right to report in vicinity of NYPD ops
[Via Boing Boing]

Carey sez, “NYC Deputy Mayors Howard Wolfson and Cas Holloway went on NY1 (our local news channel) last night to discuss Tuesday morning’s raid on Zuccotti Park. When the anchor confronted them about the media blackout, they became indignant and firmly stated that the press does not have the right to report in the vicinity of police operations. So much for freedom of the press!”


There have been several reports of police targeting reporters who have NYPD issued press passes. Foreign reporters with passes are becoming afraid of losing their visas if they cover Occupy Wall Street.

This should make for some interesting court cases. It will make it much easier to beat people if the press can be excluded. Except for all those damn cell phone cameras.

I expect that will be next.