Apple still might create a network separate from wireless carriers

phoneby aussiegall

Steve Jobs wanted Apple to build own cell network for first iPhone

[Via AppleInsider]

Before launching the first iPhone, late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs wanted to replace established mobile carriers by creating a proprietary network specifically for the handset by leveraging an unused license-free spectrum band.


I’ve written about Apple’s possible use of White-fi to get around the cell carriers. If it wants to reallocate a mobile and TV experience second to none, it needs to really be able to control the price for data transmission. At the moment, that control lies with others – both cell companies and, to a lesser extent, the cable companies.

Apple, and others like Microsoft, can not fully create the digital world with others acting as gatekeeppers.

So, I do think we will here about some sort of alternate wireless network to transmit data for digital devices. I think it is likely that it might be a consortium of digital companies that works this out.

But I do think that we will see something because the needs and incentives for mobile digital devices is much different than for cell phones. The old paradigm for providing data will change very rapidly in the next few years.

And I expect Apple to be part of it.