Mac users get more done

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Forrester: ‘It’s time to repeal prohibition’ on Macs in the enterprise
[Via AppleInsider]

Mac business users have been shown to be more productive than their PC counterparts, prompting Forrester Research to encourage companies to support Apple hardware in the workplace.


We are all HEROs –  highly empowered and resourceful operatives – according to the report.

Not only are Mac users more productive because they are less susceptible to viruses, break down less and last longer but organizations that support multiple platforms are necessarily going to be more adaptive and resilient.

They have to be in order to meet the demands of multiple platforms. And thus they will bemuch more likely to be able to deal with disruptive technology in more positive ways than those who only live in a monoculture technological world.

Being diverse is always a selective advantage in any environment, especially one changing as rapidly as ours today.