You can hear the denialists moving the goal posts right now

The Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature algorithm
[Via Deltoid]

The Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature algorithm seems to work quite well, with coverage by the Economist, the BBC, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, the London Telegraph, the Daily Mail, the Los Angeles Times, US News and World Report, the Guardian, the Washington Post, the Independent and CNN.

Here is the BEST algorithm:

  1. State that “reported global warming may be biased by poor station quality“.
  2. Collect funding from Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation.
  3. Make the utterly predictable finding that warming is not a product of poor measurement.
  4. Brief reporters.

If only I had used the BEST algorithm, then my own analysis would be in all the papers.


A group of skeptical scientists re-examine the data and find that there is nothing wrong with the data – the world is warming.

And the large amount of the data out there is fully able to prove this, even if all the data is not pristine.

So what do the denialists do? Claim they never doubted that the world was warming. Unfortunately, the web never forgets and it is easy to find older posts where they is exactly what they denied.

They display their lack of integrity by failing to recognize that their previous arguments were examined and answered. They need new arguments rather than simply denying that progress has been made.

They accuse others of biased work. Sounds like they have an awfully big mote in their own eye.