Great Business Opportunity for JakPak: Seattle won’t let protestors use tents or sleeping bags so inventors donate their own product for the effort

Waterproof jacket, sleeping bag, tent from JakPak
[Via JakPak]



JakPak just donated about $6000 of jackets to OccupySeattle in the Westlake Center plaza this morning. They will be bringing in more this afternoon.

And they are letting people donate JakPaks for the effort and get a $50 discount in the process.

The Seattle Police department arrested about 20 people last night because they were illegally camping out on the square – living in tents or sleeping bags. They can stay in the square overnight, just not in any yents to protect against the rain.

A small company in Seattle gets the brilliant idea of donating their product – a jacket that converts into all body, all weather protection – to this cause, getting some publicity and earning the notice of many of the people who might purchase such a jacket.

A jacket that converts into all weather protection. It ‘solves’ the problem of not  having tents and sleeping bags to withstand the cold, wet weather so the people can occupy the square.

It meets the request of the police not to have tents or sleeping bags. Will they now outlaw jackets?

Nice to see an entrepreneur find an opportunity to not only market their product but also serve the community that they want to buy the product. A real win-win for the company and for their potential customers.

I’d never heard of them but now several thousand people on Twitter know about them and I expect this will only increase as time goes on. Heck, places like San Francisco or other Occupy events around the country might be interested in.

It is an adaptive response and it will be interesting to see what the SPD’s response will be.