Hyping mental illness

Mental disorders affect more than a third of Europeans
[Via News at Nature – Most Recent]

Mental disorders affect more than a third of Europeans

Nature News , 05092011 doi: 10.1038/news.2011.514

Kerri Smith

Treatment of those afflicted is ‘unusually deficient’.


I’m sure the media well be all over this, making it sound like 40% of Europeans are nuts. But the actual report states that the most common mental disorders are anxiety and insomnia, not the usual things conjured up when terms like mental disorder are used.

Anxiety and insomnia are responsible for about half of the 40%. And while nothing to ignore, they do not have the debilitating effects on individuals and on society that other problems present.

The disorder with the greatest effects both on the individual and on society – depression – affects 7% of the population in any one year. Very high but not as shocking at the 40% number.

2 thoughts on “Hyping mental illness

  1. Define your terms! The worst “brain” disorders are in the brains of the so-called therapist “diagnosing” them. It use to be that everyone was allowed to be anxious now and then or to have a drink now and then, but now….. Just think how much money these guys are making by coming up with these theories. The latest, of course, is that pedophiles just need to have some talk therapy and shouldn’t be treated like criminals. What they do is perfectly normal and kids are sexual creatures.

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