Steve Jobs answered the question of philanthropy back in 1985

Steve Jobs’ 1985 response to Andrew Ross Sorkin’s crass questioning of charity
[Via MacDailyNews]

“I’ve appreciated receiving a number of emails from readers who agreed with my post yesterday rebutting Andrew Ross Sorkin’s “post” on Steve Jobs’ supposed lack of given,” Eric Jackson writes for Forbes. “One reader pointed out that Jobs had really directly responded to these points in a 1985 Playboy Interview.”


Here is how he responded to a question about what he did regarding charity:

That’s a part of my life that I like to keep private. When I have some time, I’m going to start a public foundation. I do some things privately now.

Why creating a public spectacle is a question people need to answer for themselves. Jobs said he does those things privately. Just as stated in Matthew 6:2.

He states pretty much what any normal person would. Charity should be a private affair and there is something a little seemly to me seeing billionaires donate money so their name can be on a university building.

I’d expect Jobs to have done his giving privately. Such as the speculation that the private donation of $150 million to a cancer center came from him. But since it was given anonymously, no one knows for sure.

Perhaps now that he has the time, he will start that public foundation.