Remembering the management style of Steve Jobs

There have been a lot of nice anecdotes about Steve Jobs recently. And deservedly so as he has had an impact on a lot of people.

Back in April I wrote a little bit about the way Jobs’ management style played out in one instance. One thing I wrote should be on everyone’s minds when they think about Jobs because i think it encompasses  a really strong message, one I have seen again and again with other people whose management style is called abrasive:

Jobs’ methods may be abrasive but there is a point. The types of individuals that Jobs is looking for – those who can creatively connected to the single vision needed for success and who are adaptable enough to make that vision a reality –  do not respond to his manner by trying to hide in committees. They stand right up, against all outside pressure, and try to find a solution.

And that is why they succeed.

Not a management style for everyone but it seems to have succeeded in creating a cohesive group of brave leaders who have internalized what will be needed to move forward. That may be more important than all the technologies he has been a part of mainstreaming.

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