My new addiction – Zombie Gunship

I’ve really gotten hooked on this relatively simple game – Zombie Gunship.

You are flying around in a C-130 gunship trying to protect a bunker where humans survivors of the Zombie Apocalypse are running. What you see is a gray-scale image as though it was using heat sensing technology. Humans are these little white running figures – they are hot – and zombies are slower moving black ones – they are not.

Your gunship circles the bunker and you target the zombies with one of three different weapons – weapons that you gain and can modify as you get more experience.

Here is an example of the gameplay:

The sound effects are what make this. There is the constant noise of the propellors at all time. When you do something great, you hear it from Central Command. Kill too many civilians and you get called back to base.

You can get pretty pinpoint with some of the weapons and upgrades give you better accuracy, rapid fire, better radar, etc. I’ve got the 105 mm gun now and it is simply amazing.

I’ll be playing this for a while.