Apple listens harder to its customers than anyone else

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Another myth bites the dust: How Apple listens to its customers
[Via MacDailyNews]

“Yesterday I pointed to five dangerous myths about Steve Jobs,” Steve Denning writes for Forbes. “Here’s another one. Apple doesn’t listen to its customers.”


The Forbes article is important, delineating how apple has used its retail stores to gain an understanding of its customers to a degree no other company has.

They learned to work hard with those who complained, finding out that every hour they spent resulted in $1000 of sales. They know how every store is connecting with its customers and how Apple itself is doing.

The retail stores are not just to sell things, as so many other companies do retail. It is a place for Apple to get its customers to congregate and where it can then learn from them.

They turned this on their own employees identifying those who were the best fans for its products.

This point is right on:

Thus Apple practices radical management, where making money is the result, not the goal of the organization. The bottom line of its business is to delight the customer.

As long as it delights its customers it will make money. Too many companies think it is the other way around, somehow.

HP, Samsung, Motorola and even MS spend no time on trying to delight their customers or even on how to do it. They just try and make money.


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  1. Delight your customers! I just love that phrase. It is exactly what Apple does. In any of their stores, customers are all treated the same no matter how old or how young they are. No wonder so many of the “older” generation are Mac addicts.

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