A phishing scheme for Macs

Watch Out! Email Phishing Tricks You With iCloud Appeal [Scams]
[Via Cult of Mac]

A particularly nasty phishing scam is making the rounds, according to MacRumors. Why is it so nasty, you ask? Because the email is designed to trick you into upgrading your existing MobileMe account to iCloud. 

“A number of MacRumors readers have reported today receiving a phishing email designed to look like a notice from Apple asking users to upgrade their MobileMe accounts to iCloud. The email is patterned after one sent to MobileMe members in early June just after Apple introduced iCloud at its Worldwide Developers Conference.”

Clicking the “iCLOUD” link takes you to a very fake (but cleverly constructed) phishing page where you enter in your personal billing information to “upgrade” to iCloud. In case you didn’t know, iCloud hasn’t been launched to the public yet.

This email scam is a whole lot like the iPhone 5 messages that were circulating awhile ago. It’s important to be wary of scams, and we’re sure that most of our astute readership will have no trouble recognizing this round of fakery. Just wanted to pass the news along.


Luckily it has a word misspelled. This is a pretty good looking email. One reason you should always make sure that the URL for any links you click actually goes someplace you know.