Another tablet eats Apple’s dust

HP Q3 Conference Call: TouchPad Is “Not Gaining Traction” [Duh!]
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Reports about Best Buy and Walmart returning huge numbers of unsold TouchPad tablets to Hewlett Packard appear to be strikingly true.

Speaking on a conference call right after dropping the bombshell that HP is killing its webOS phones and tablets, HP CEO Leo Apotheker admitted that his company’s iPad competitor is not selling at all, despite hefty price cuts.

The company hoped the TouchPad would quickly establish itself as the number two to the iPad, Apotheker said, but it hasn’t made a dent at all.


There was no profit to be made with their tablet. Now thousands are being returned. Looks like the purchase of WebOS by HP last year was a gamble that did not pay off, at the cost of a couple of billion dollars.

I wonder if they will sell it off.

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  1. RE: Previous Post. Maybe they should give it away for free in order to bolster their other products.

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