“Salad is what food eats”

How to Win an Argument With a Vegetarian
[Via Age of Engagement | Big Think]

–Guest post by Patrick Riley, AoE Culture Correspondent

What better topic at a conference full of carnivores than how to deal with people who think you’re completely off base, if not criminally insane? And who better to give the talk than the young woman so versed in statistics that she wrote a convincingly scathing critique of the vegetarian Bible known as The China Study?


An interesting discussion of paleo-diets and such – the quote comes from the article. One point to remember when discussing vegetarian diets is that our digestive tract no longer looks like many of our herbivorous neighbors, even other primates. We have a much smaller colon making it harder to get as much nourishment from fiber as they do.

Eating more grains and legumes is probably a good thing but we must also remember that we evolved to eat more than that, meaning we also lost some abilities to take full advantage of a totally vegetarian diet.

Moderation is probably a good idea.