Assange and Wikileaks win

spyby Anonymous9000

UK gov asks MI5 asked to crack encrypted Blackberry messages to help police nail rioters
[Via Boing Boing]

Phone hacking, indeed. Britain’s intelligence agency has been asked by the government to decrypt mobile messages, particularly those sent via BlackBerry Messenger, to aid police in prosecuting looters.

The move represents a change as officially MI5 is tasked with ensuring the national security of the United Kingdom from terrorist threats, weapons of mass destruction, and espionage, with the police taking the lead on maintaining public order.



One of Assange’s claimed purposes for Wikileaks was to force even democratic governments to respond by taking more and more draconian and totalitarian actions– increasing secrecy or invading the privacy of others.

So, now we see a Western democracy asking the state-run intelligence agency to hack into the emails of private citizens. Isn’t this a little too much government intrusion?

Well, how about when they use the technology to arrest a man for planning a water fight?

Don’t they realize the smart ones are already encrypting their messages in ways too difficult to crack or are using analog measures that the governmen does not even see?

The use of government spooks to get into people’s encrypted accounts will not end well.