A mudbug gets a big city makeover

crawfishby izik

Are crawfish really lobster?
[Via Deep Sea News]

The New York media is all aflame over a shocking discovery at local institution Zabar’s. Zabar’s, an Upper West Side gourmet grocery store is justly famed for its amazing coffee, cheese, and baked goods (the chocolate babka is especially glorious). But for the last 15 years, the lobster salad has been made with freshwater crawfish – it contained no actual lobster at all.


I’d be a little upset if I was told the lobster salad I ate had crawfish instead. But, interestingly, in  biological terms, the restaurant is probably correct.

It turns out that crawfish are more closely related to clawed lobsters than the non-clawed lobsters found in the Caribbean or in California.

While the restaurant has a kind of point, it is also pretty disingenuous.  If someone had asked what kind of lobster was in the salad, how would they have responded – freshwater lobster?