If you make a living copying people’s ideas in order to sell ads, then of course you’ll hate IP rights

Google asserts that Intellectual Property rights are anti-competitive
[Via MacDailyNews]

Google recently complained in a blog post called When patents attack Android that it is the victim of a vast anti-competitive conspiracy to enforce property-rights against Google’s fast-growing Android mobile operating platform. Google goes on to charge that competitors are wielding ‘bogus patents’ ‘as a weapon to stop’ Google’s innovation. Google specifically is complaining it is anti-competitive that a group of some of its competitors outbid Google to own Nortel’s roughly 6,000 patents,” Scott Cleland writes for Forbes.


Google is all about IP rights and secrecy when it serves its own purposes but indignantly against them when it does not.

Not very surprising but I just loved the last line quoted from the article:

Arguably no other Fortune 500 company has ever been more hostile to others’ property rights than Google.

A business model where you copy other’s ideas and then use them to sell ads may make billions but is not really susutainable for the rest of us.

Just remember, Google’s customers are its advertisors so it will do whatever it can to increase the ad revenue while spending as little as possible.