iPad’s biggest competitor banned in Europe

German court bars Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 from sale in Europe in Apple suit

[Via AppleInsider]

A key legal victory for Apple in the European Union has reportedly blocked the sale of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 across the continent for alleged patent violations.


This was supposed to be the tablet that finally competed with the iPad – same shape, same size, optimized operating system.

Now it can not be sold in Europe due to patent infringements. This follows a loss by Samsung in Australia for its tablet.

Apple buys almost $8 billion in parts from Samsung a year. Have they started gaming how many of their tablets they would/could sell to make up for that? I’d say about 12 million a year or so. Before all the Europe and australia problems, Samsung expected to sell about 6 .5 million tablets total, including their smaller tablets. And the remarkable iPad only sold 14 million its first year.

It’ll be  hard for Samsung to match that growth. How long before any revenue they get from their tablets match what they could lose from Apple’s anger?

Especially if they can not sell in Europe. They might just piss off Apple  AND not be able to make up for that lost goodwill by sales.

And Apple is starting to look elsewhere for parts suppliers.