Ohh! Ohh! I know the answer – Microsoft

It Does Remind Me of a Previous Antitrust Case
[Via Daring Fireball]

Paul Thurrott:

And I’d also point out that Google licenses Android for free. So by raising the price of Android by imposing licensing fees on technologies Android is in fact using, Apple, Microsoft, and others are arguably simply leveling the playing field and taking away an artificial Android advantage, forcing the OS to compete more fairly. Arguably, by “dumping” Android in the market at no cost, Google—which has unlimited cash and can afford to do such a thing — is behaving in an anticompetitive fashion. In fact, one could argue that Google is using its dominance in search advertising to unfairly gain entry into another market by giving that new product, Android, away for free. Does this remind you of any famous antitrust case?


Just being dominant is not the criterium. A company must be abusing a monopoly position and leveraging that monoply to enter a new market.

In England, over 92% of searches use Google. It is even higher in the rest of Europe.

Those look like monopoly numbers. Could be an interesting time for them, what with the patent trials and such.