It sounds like Google felt that if they could not have all the patents, no one could


Microsoft says Google refused to join the Novell patent consortium
[Via AppleInsider]

In response to a public complaint by Google accusing Apple and Microsoft of a patent-wielding conspiracy to hold back its Android platform, Microsoft’s general counsel has pointed out that Google rebuffed an invitation to join the consortium, apparently with the hope of obtaining all of the Novell patents for itself.


Google offered over $3 billion alone for the Nortel patents that went to the consortium for over $4 billion. They wanted all those patents for themselves.

They have refused to join previous consortiums, even when invited, wishing to keep all the patents for themseleves They lost both times and now they just whine.

They now send out their high brass to pout about how unfair it all is and how the patent system is so flawed and how its competitors are not nnovating and how they are being forced to pay money for the IP.

Such a sad story. The same one we hear from every company who mainly copy the IP from others.

Google wants to give away products for free in order to make money from ads. They appear to be taking the easier route – using IP from others instead of developing their. At least, that is what so much of this seems to be about.

IP issues may be out of contol right now but the basic principle is sound – provide certain rights to the originator of a novel issue to compensate them for their making it available to society and to prevent cheats from stealing the idea to make money without having to take the risk.