Anti-science politicians are sign of America’s decline

Dangerously Unprepared: Congressional Budget Cuts are Leaving Americans Vulnerable to Climate Extremes
[Via ClimateScienceWatch]

In 2011, the U.S. has been hammered by climate extremes, with economic damages by mid-June approaching a record $32 billion. Yet determined Congressional opponents of federal climate change efforts are doggedly impeding Federal activities to inform and engage the public around climate impacts, vulnerability and risks; and to prepare for those impacts. Such tactics have successfully stymied progress on climate policy for over a decade, but at a high cost that is becoming increasingly evident: they have left  Americans dangerously unprepared for an era of climate disruption.


Politicians that fail to understand science, that create obstacles for doing science and who prevent any funds to be spent that could inform us will never have to face the ramifications of their Luddite behavior. But they should.

They withhold funds for underatsngin how to adapt to warmer temperature. They would prevent the Army Corp of Engineers from learning how changing climate might affect such things as levees.

Apparently, by not having any data that might inform us about the future, these politicians are comforatble wallowing in their ignorance.

The fact that scientific study is so hated by members of Congress makes me realize that Idiocracy was not satiric but prophetic.

Below is a video is how I imagine most of the Congressional committee meetings are run today. Only without as many intelligent politicians (Idiocracy has one.)

2 thoughts on “Anti-science politicians are sign of America’s decline

  1. What you are talking about is wanting a dictatorship! It isn’t anti-science, it is that we citizens cannot be FORCED to buy things we can’t afford. Congress doesn’t have a lot to do with that.

  2. I am afraid I do not understand your comment. How is working to prevent a better scientific understanding of the world around us purely for political reasons not anti-science? How is advocating work by engineers and scientists to gain a better understanding of how to adapt to changing conditions mean I want a dictatorship?Who is forcing any citizen to buy things they can not afford?

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