What a surprise – An iPad killer that isn’t

axby snigl3t

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1: Android iPad-killer is a poorly thought-through disappointment
[Via Boing Boing]

My latest Guardian column is a pretty unenthusiastic review of the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, hailed by many as the first serious Android-based iPad competitor. The Galaxy has all the right parts, but they’re assembled without much care or forethought. Something I missed mentioning in the review is that the device hides the low-profile power key next to the low-profile volume key, and they’re nearly indistinguishable to the touch, so every time I adjust the volume, I end up turning off the device. Try to imagine how that goes over with the three-year-old when I turn down the sound on a YouTube cartoon she’s enjoying and inadvertently switch the screen off.


Sounds like poor hardware design. Buttons that are similar in shape but different in function. Proprietary cords that are easily lost and hard to replace.

And the commenters are not very sympathetic, feeling that one should just buy a handful of new cables, adding to the clutter we must carry around.

I can carry one cord to charge up my iPod, iPhone and iPad. Others apparently need a separate cord for each.