Returning to the news bias we used to have

Why Partisans View Mainstream Media as Biased and Ideological Media as Objective
[Via Age of Engagement | Big Think]

We’ve reached a unique paradox in American political culture today: Both liberals and conservatives view the mainstream media as biased, yet tend to believe that their own ideologically-like minded outlets and commentators provide objective coverage.  Claims of media bias have long been the lingua franca of the conservative movement with the creation of rival outlets first in the form of magazines such as the National Review, then political talk radio, and culminating with Fox News and right-wing blogs.

Yet over the past decade, harsh criticism of the mainstream media has also increasingly emanated from the left with claims of biased coverage a fundamental core belief of progressive advocates working on issues ranging from climate change to social policy.  In turn these same progressives tend to prefer the “objective” coverage at magazines like the Nation, blogging platforms like the Huffington Post, and most prominently MSNBC which has positioned itself as the liberal counter-weight to Fox News.


Interesting discussion although the idea that journalism is supposed to be unbiased is a recent invention. 100 years ago, everyone know which newspapers were liberal and which were conservative. Look at Britain for a sample. we are simply going back to what was the preferred approach.

I try to read news from the left and the right but often find them tedious. Both dislike Obama – one for not being liberal enough and for being too beholden to corporatists, and the other for being too liberal and being anti-capitalist. I guess that is why I am a moderate because I tend to like and trust political sites that cater to moderates – usually formerly moderate Republicans whi have moved to the Democratic Party because the Republican is no longer a good fit.

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